Common Questions

I really want to have health insurance but it's too expensive. How can I make it more affordable?

By adding an excess to your plan, or by reducing the cover for day to day healthcare expenses, you can reduce the premiums for your plan.

Can I get cover for my pre-existing conditions?

When we receive your application form we assess all the medical information that you provide. In some cases it will be possible to have cover for pre-existing conditions after three years' continuous cover, and in other cases the medical condition will be permanently excluded. If you wish to find out about your particular medical condition and how UniMed would apply any limitations or exclusions, we suggest you complete an application form so that we can carry out a full assessment.

Can I cover my children and grandchildren on my policy?

Yes, your children and grandchildren for whom you are legally responsible can be covered on your policy. Until they reach age 19 they will pay child premiums, and from their 19th birthday they will pay the relevant adult premium. UniMed charges premiums for the first 4 children aged under 19, with all further children under 19 being covered for free.  The Health Positive plan can be paid by recurring credit card payment.

How can I pay premiums?

Premiums can be paid by cheque on receipt of an invoice, or more commonly by direct debit. Most of our members prefer direct debit as they do not have to worry about missing a premium and losing cover.


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