UniCare Plus

If you are generally healthy but have on-going medical expenses (such as GP consultations, physiotherapy, osteopathy or ophthalmology for example), want some surgical cover but are less concerned about very expensive surgical procedures, the UniCare Plus Plan is a good choice.

Ideal when you have the constraint of a tight budget, UniCare Plus not only contributes to the cost of surgical procedures but supports your everyday health expenses. Unicare Plus is the alternative plan to UniMed’s Major Surgical Plan. 

All benefits pay 100% of usual and customary costs up to the fixed benefit limits, with no annual limit on the number of surgical procedures.

The benefit limits are set so that they contribute towards the cost of each healthcare service and so members will always contribute towards the costs themselves. 

Surgical limits are the same regardless of the actual cost of the procedure, and so lower cost procedures will be reimbursed to a higher proportion than high cost procedures.

In short, our Unicare Plus Plan offers cover of 100% of Usual and Customary charges up to specified limits per benefit for:

  • Private hospital surgical treatment and private medical hospitalisation
  • Specialist consultations and tests
  • GP visits and prescription charges
  • Health maintenance services
  • Everyday general medical expenses such as physiotherapy, podiatry and osteopathy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation oncology
  • Cover for pharmaceuticals approved by Medsafe (but not subsidised by PHARMAC) and prescribed by a GP or supplied during an in-patient stay

The advantage of the UniCare Plus plan is that the benefit limits help manage cost inflation and therefore future premiums are expected to increase at a slower rate than those for the Major Surgical plan.



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