Major Surgical and Options

This is our most popular plan because it removes any concern about potential level of cover. It promises to cover 100% of usual and customary medical costs up to $85,000 per admission – a significant safety-net against an expensive procedure and the potential burden it would have on both time and finances. 

The other tangible benefit is flexibility; members can select from a menu of add-ons and tailor-make their own plan. Someone reasonably fit and healthy, who doesn’t visit their GP that often and isn’t too worried about paying for consultations or prescriptions as they go will be more than satisfied with the basic plan, but others may want to enjoy full protection.

  • Flexibility to select the appropriate level of cover
  • Speedy support, queries handled rapidly, with good claim turnaround
  • Confidence in your level of cover before surgery through our prior approval service
  • Direct settlement of surgery and test invoices with the provider
  • Backup when you need it most – financial support for major medical issues can be as stressful as the issue itself
  • 100% refund of the usual & customary charges for private hospital surgical treatment and up to $10,000 per annum for private medical treatment
  • 100% refund on specialist and tests relating to a surgical procedure carried out within 3 months prior to surgery*
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation oncology
  • Cover for pharmaceuticals approved by Medsafe (but not subsidised by PHARMAC)

*up to the specified maximum amounts


There is a $500 excess per claim for claims under $3,000 and $750 per claim for claims over $3,000.  To keep your premiums affordable you can add a voluntary excess of between $1000 and $3000

To the basic plan, you can add:

Option 1

  • Covers costs for GP consultations and prescription charges, including GP-prescribed medication not subsidised by Pharmac


Option 2

  • Covers specialist consultations and tests when there’s delayed or no surgery
  • Covers health maintenance benefits, such as physiotherapy, cardiac diagnostic procedures, osteopathy


Add-on Option 3 or Option 4

  • Covers dental and optical care

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