Hospital Select

This policy gives you the security of knowing that whatever comes your way - something rare or really expensive to treat - that you won’t get stung with massive extra fees. Due to advances in medical technology and treatment options, healthcare is becoming more expensive. Some procedures now have revolutionary treatment available but health plan limits may not have been updated to reflect these costs. Hospital Select, our premium policy, reflects the real, recent costs of procedures and pays up to a generous maximum of $300,000 per year for surgical procedures.
Hospital Select is most popular for groups and corporates who want to offer a base plan to a group and include some or all of the additional module options to an executive team. It is fully underwritten and has no excess (although you can specify an excess to reduce your premium). You can combine a number of modules to create a plan best suited for you or your team.

To the basic plan, you can add:

Module G
Day to Day
Module S
Module N
Natural Health
Module D
Dental & Vision

Covers day to day costs such as GP’s, after hours home visits, prescriptions and non-Pharmac subsidised pharmaceuticals

Covers specialist consultations and imaging Cover includes remedial massage therapy, osteopathy, chiropractor, physiotherapy, dietician, podiatrist, homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, nutritionalist, herbalist and health checks. Covers dental and optical care

Advantages of Hospital Select plan:

  • Similar to our Major Surgical plan, but the Hospital Select plan provides a higher overall level of cover - up to $300,000 limit for surgery, which covers you for a wider range of more complex or rare procedures (whereas the Major Surgical plan covers up to $85,000)
  • This is the only UniMed plan that provides an option to include complementary health services such as osteopathy, physiotherapy, homeopathy and naturopathy (see module N list above)
  • Flexibility to add on other modules for day to day expenses, specialists, and dental and vision
  • Obesity surgery up to $8,000 (after five years' continuous membership)
  • Overseas treatment (up to 75% towards a procedure which is available in NZ but you prefer overseas treatment)
  • Urgent radiation oncology up to $30,000
  • $30,000 for chemotherapy materials and drugs
  • Non accute hospitalisation up to $65,000 per annum for private medical treatment (higher than Major Surgical plan)

Please refer to the Benefit Schedule for full details of cover (talk to one of our team to get a copy and discuss full details of this policy).   

Get the assurance of backup and an extensive health insurance policy when you need it most.  Financial support for major medical issues can be as stressful as the issue itself.  Apply online now, or call our team to find out more about this policy.





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