Health Positive Plan

Health Insurance you can use before Friday night

If you’re fit and healthy, chances are your budget is tuned for entertainment, travel or a house deposit rather than for seeing a doctor, dentist or physio. Regular health expenses can mount up, plus it’s easy to put off looking after yourself when there are more exciting things to spend your money on.

UniMed’s Health Positive Plan reimburses you for day-to-day health expenses - such as GP, prescriptions, dental, prescription glasses, even massage and chiropractor treatments: - from just $4.77 a week.

  • Reduce the impact of health expenses on your pay packet with speedy reimbursement of either 50% or 80% of day-to-day health expenses.*
  • Get over $10,000 of cover per year for just $4.77 a week
  • If you’re active, you can still claim: physio, acupuncture, massage and chiropractor expenses
  • Spread out the cost of healthcare throughout the year with affordable regular payments.

*Up to benefit limits.

Two affordable options

You can choose from two levels of reimbursement – 50% or 80% of actual costs up to the benefit limits. Pricing is based only on your age at your last birthday and pre-existing medical conditions are covered.

How does the Health Positive plan compare?

Use the following table to compare health insurance from nib health insurance, Southern Cross health insurance and UniMed's Health Positive.


Compare health insurance cover:

  UniMed nib health insurance Southern Cross
health insurance
  Health Positive EveryDay Health HealthEssentials 
Reimbursement level (as a percentage of actual costs up to benefit limits) 50% or 80%
All benefits apply

Benefits vary by plan – Basic Plan and Mid Plan

Waiting Periods Varies by benefit  Varies by benefit  
Dental (routine consultations, wisdom tooth removal, orthodontic work) southern-cross-health-insurance-equivalent Basic Plan provides routine check ups, Mid plan extends to wisdom teeth and orthodontic  nib-health-insurance-alternative
Optical (eye test, prescription glasses and contact lenses)  nib-health-insurance-alternative Prescription glasses and contact lenses only nib-health-insurance-alternative
Health Maintenance (ie physiotherapy, chiropractic, podiatry, homeopathy, acupuncture, remedial massage therapy, dietician)  southern-cross-health-insurance-equivalent  Physiotherapy only  nib-health-insurance-NZ
GP & prescriptions, minor surgery performed by a GP  nib-health-insurance-alternative

Basic Plan – consultations only
Mid Plan – consultations, prescriptions and minor surgery by a GP

GP only
Specialist consultations and related diagnostic investigations  Specialist consultations and a wide range of commonly requested tests and diagnostics  Mid plan only  nib-NZ
Screening where no signs or symptoms are present (ie smear and prostate tests, mammogram, mole checking, bone density scan, colonoscopy)  nib--insurance-NZ  Some included in the Specialist benefit  nib-insurance-NZ
Childbirth grant  nib-health-insurance-NZ  nib-NZ


All of the plans mentioned above have annual limits for each benefit type. The above is a summary of the cover at a high level and should not be relied upon to make a final decision. We recommend that you read the policy documentation from each insurer in detail before deciding which is the best plan for you. You should check the benefits available, benefit limits, waiting periods, level of reimbursement and any restrictions there might be.

Compare health insurance premiums:

Contact us for a quote and you will be pleasantly surprised how much value for money you will get with UniMed's Health Positive Plan compared with nib health insurance and Southern Cross health insurance. 

What are you covered for?

*Reimbursements are 50% or 80% of actual costs up to the benefits payable below, subject to UniMed’s usual and customary charges. Reimbursement level is as per your chosen plan (50% or 80%)

Benefit Stand Down Period Annual Limit
Dental Benefits

Routine examinations, scale and polish, fillings, extractions, x-rays

2 Months $500 per annum
Wisdom teeth extraction 12 Months $500 per annum
Treatment by a registered orthodontist. 36 Months $600 per lifetime
Optical Benefits
Prescription glasses or contact lenses 12 Months $350 per annum
Routine eye test 12 Months $50 per annum
Health Maintenance Benefits  
Physiotherapy. Treatment by a Registered Physiotherapist 3 Months        

$300 per service per annum, up to $600 total benefit per annum

Chiropractic. Treatment by a Registered Chiropractor 3 Months
Podiatry. Treatment by a Registered Podiatrist. Excludes orthotics and other devices 3 Months
Homeopathy. Treatment by a Registered Homeopath including the cost of any medication 3 Months
Acupuncture. Treatment by a Registered Acupuncture Practitioner 3 Months
Remedial massage therapy. Treatment by a Registered Massage Therapist 3 Months
Dietician. Treatment by a Registered Dietician. Excludes food/food substitutes 3 Months
GP Benefits
GP consultations. Consultation with a Registered Medical Practitioner 3 Months $300 per annum  
Prescriptions. User part charges for prescription items on the New Zealand Pharmaceutical Schedule and prescribed by a Registered Medical Practitioner 3 Months
Surgery performed by a Registered Medical Practitioner in GP rooms 3 Months

$200 per procedure
up to $500 total
benefit per annum

Specialist Consultations

Consultations with a Specialist Registered Medical Practitioner, on referral from a GP (Registered medical Practitioner)

3 Months  $5,000 per annum
Diagnostic investigations on referral from a specialist, excluding healthcare services performed in the specialists’ rooms. Limited to X-rays, ultrasound, ECG, EEG, CT scans, MRI scans and diagnostic blood tests 3 Months
Loyalty Benefits

Loyalty benefit for screening services. Limited to smear and prostate tests, mammogram, mole checking, bone density scan, colonoscopy

3 Years $750 per annum

Childbirth grant (where both parents qualify then the grant is increased by 50%)

12 Months $300 grant per child


Although the UniMed Health Positive Plan includes registered specialist consultations on referral from a GP and diagnostic investigations on referral from a specialist, it excludes major surgery, hospital visits or healthcare services performed in the specialists’ rooms. If you are interested in cover for surgery and related costs our advisors can discuss our other health plans with you; call 0800 600 666.


  • Cover for pre-existing conditions is included and we don’t require you to provide details of your medical history.
  • If you choose to upgrade to a UniMed surgical plan you will need to complete a full medical declaration relating to medical conditions and your medical history at the time of upgrade.
  • If you choose to upgrade from the 50% plan to the 80% plan, the stand down periods will start again and, the higher level of cover will apply atthe end of the stand down periods. During the new stand down periods you will remain covered at the 50% level.

Once you’ve completed your application form, please send it to

nib-health-insurance-alternativeHead Office
Union Medical Benefits Society Ltd
PO Box 1721
Christchurch 8140

southern-cross-health-insurance-equivalent   "I don’t go to doctors and dentists because they are too expensive - $45 for 5 minutes at the GP, and that doesn’t include a prescription! But I am definitely willing to give up a cup of coffee a week to know that I’ll be looked after if I need it.” 
Mike, 24 years 


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