Benefit Review

We have reviewed the level of cover and healthcare services for which there is cover under some of our plans to make them more up to date and reflective of the changing conditions in the private healthcare sector.

We are pleased to say that this has resulted in several new benefits (services you can claim for) and an increase to some benefits. The only benefits to have been removed are the loyalty benefit for congenital conditions and the benefit for travel vouchers.

The changes to benefits will take effect for the majority of our Members from 1 August 2016 for treatment taking place on or after that date.

Please note that Members who are part of an employer-based scheme have variations on these plans and will be informed of any changes to their benefits at a future date.

Benefit Schedules

UniCare Plan

MultiCare Plan

Hospital Select Plan

UniCare Plus Plan

Major Surgical Plus Options Plan

Update to Conditions of Membership

The Conditions of Membership are the terms and conditions applicable to the policies of all UniMed Members. As we do periodically, we have recently reviewed and updated these to ensure that they reflect prevailing conditions and as a result have made a number of sections easier to understand, and amended some Glossary sections.

The updated Conditions of Membership apply from 1 August 2016.

Conditions of Membership

List of Approved Surgical Procedures

We have decided to publish a list of the surgical procedures for which we provide cover. This List will be updated from time to time.

The List applies to all UniMed Members for treatments on or after 1 August 2016.

There is no cover for any procedure that is not contained in the List, unless UniMed specifically agrees to cover it following a case by case review.

The List should be read in conjunction with the Benefit Schedule, Conditions of Membership and any specific endorsements applying to each Member’s policy.

List of Approved Surgical Procedures

Health Positive   Major Surgical   Hospital Select   Unicare Plus

Total value of claims paid since 1 July 2005 is