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Keeping your premiums affordable

By taking out health insurance, you’ve made a sensible, prudent choice. However, we recognise that you may review your cover from time to time to make sure it’s still relevant to your needs and meets your budget.

Why do premiums keep increasing?

Due to advances in medical technology and treatment options, healthcare is becoming more expensive. Heart patients used to be given an aspirin, whereas today they might be treated with expensive surgery. Health plan premiums need to increase to cover the increasing costs of providing these newer approaches to healthcare.
As we get older, we make more trips to the doctor, and hospital unfortunately. Therefore premiums increase with age to reflect the higher costs and more frequent claims at each age range.


Reference: Health Funds Association of New Zealand

At the same time, our population is ageing, so we need to make more provision to pay out to a wider customer base. The good news is that we have one of the highest payout rates of premiums collected, but kept at a level that leaves our reserves full, so much so that if we stopped getting premiums, we could continue to pay out all claims for 18 months.

Options to reduce your premium

We have lots of ways to help you keep your premium affordable, including increasing the excess of your policy. As we have multiple plans, you can choose to change your level of cover needs and budget change. You could remove additional benefits (e.g. add-ons) or change plans. 
It is important that you do not cancel your existing health insurance policy, until you review your other options and understand the implications. Bear in mind that you might have developed conditions since you first took out your policy and which you currently have cover for. If you cancel and subsequently rejoin you might not have cover for those developed conditions in the future. The same goes for if you switch insurer. So check for continued cover before you cancel! Bear in mind that if you change, you will be assessed on your current state of health (which might be very different from the time of your original sign-up). This could lead you to have a policy with higher premiums, or exclusions. If your policy already includes cover for pre-existing conditions, in most cases, the best choice is to stay with your current provider but adjust your policy or excess.

Leaving your current job?

If you are thinking of leaving your job you were provided cover at preferential premium with UniMed by your employer, you may want to take the health insurance policy with you. Fortunately we’ve made it easy for you to do take your preferred UniMed plan to your next job or for your retirement, and in many cases you can retain cover for your existing conditions. 

Why should you retain your current UniMed cover?

  1. You may be able to retain cover for pre-existing conditions
  2. We were voted #1 in New Zealand for most satisfied customers by Canstar
  3. You will continue to enjoy low premiums relative to comparable plans from other insurance companies. We can keep our premiums low because we’re a pure Kiwi, not-for-profit mutual society - so there are no shareholders in New Zealand or overseas, with expectations of large profits to pay dividends! But low-cost doesn’t mean we take short cuts
  4. If you cancel your UniMed cover, your level of health will be reassessed by your new insurer, which could lead to higher premiums or lower levels of cover.

Download our simple form to retain your UniMed Health cover

Follow these easy steps:

  • Download the Employer Scheme Group Leaver Continuation Form
  • Complete and sign the form


  • Within 30 days of leaving your employer, post your completed form to :

    Union Medical Benefits Society Limited
    Head Office
    PO Box 1721
    Christchurch 8140

  • We will be in touch once we have received your application.


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