How many of us have the spare cash to meet a large unexpected healthcare bill costing $5,000 or more? Latest Ministry of Health data showed two thirds of those who had suffered a critical illness had to take measures to cover related costs, such as dipping into retirement savings, borrowing from friends and family, or even selling their homes. Especially now that medical advances have increased health costs globally and the public sector can no longer meet everyone’s expectations, protecting yourself against unforeseen medical issues with the associated financial impact makes sense.

Although the majority of UniMed’s health insurance is based on group schemes, we know people don’t always work for companies able to offer such incentives. If you want to be prepared and proactive about your health, you can register directly. Our plans can be tailored to suit personal budgetary and healthcare needs.

If you’re an employee and your employer is providing a UniMed plan, read about group health insurance benefits for employees.


Health Plans for individuals

For support with day to day health bills like GP, optometrists, physio and dental costs, our Health Positive plan starts at just $4.43 a week.  The Health Positive plan does not cover surgery.

The sophistication of today’s medical procedures – both essential and non-essential – are reflected in their cost, so medical insurance for surgery or medical specialists is a wise precaution. The UniMed Major Surgical and Unicare Plus health plans enable you to get financial support for the operation you need, and to be able to plan your time off work and schedule treatment for a time that suits you. You’ll avoid delays in the public health system, you’ll get back to work sooner and protect your income. You can also add on options for your day to day health costs too.

All of our plans reward long-term continuous membership with special loyalty benefits, including extra cover, and our surgery plans offer the option of adding an excess to ensure your premiums remain affordable.

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