Common Questions

What is an "employer scheme"?

There are two types of employer schemes:

  • A Subsidised Scheme - where the premiums for the employees (and sometimes their families too) is paid by the employer
  • A Voluntary Scheme - where the employer allows UniMed to promote health insurance plans to its employees but does not pay any of the premium

What is the difference between Subsidised and Voluntary schemes?

Voluntary schemes mean the employer is able to provide employees with access to a discounted premium. Premiums can be paid by direct debit from the employee to UniMed or through payroll deduction with the employer remitting the money collected to UniMed.

A subsidised scheme will get a more competitive premium than a voluntary scheme, with bigger schemes getting the best discounts. Subsidised schemes may also enable the employees to get cover for pre-existing conditions.

What plans are available for me?

Employers can choose to offer any of our plans to their employees. Additionally, a number of plans are only available for employers who pay for their employees' premiums and some of our standard plans have more generous limits than those available to individuals. Please click here to contact our Sales Team for further details.

Can I create my own plan?

Depending on the number of employees you will include in your employer scheme, we can tailor make a plan to suit your needs. Please click here to contact our Sales Team for further details.

Do employees get cover for pre-existing conditions?

That depends on the size of the group (ie the number of employees being subsidised). Groups over 50 employees can get cover for qualifying pre-existing conditions, and groups under 50 are considered on a case by case basis. Contact us to find out what cover for pre-existing conditions is available to your size of scheme.

Do all my employees have to have the same plan?

You can offer multiple plans in your scheme but the rule is that all employees of a certain group must have the same plan. So you might decide that managers with 12 months' tenure on a permanent contract will get Plan A, and all permanent employees regardless of job title at a particular worksite will get Plan B. It's up to you how you determine who is eligible for the subsidy and we can work with you to determine how to group employees and assign plans.

Can my employees upgrade their cover?

Yes, in most instances by paying a small additional premium your employees can add on extra cover for day to day medical expenses, dental or optical cover. Please note that some plans do not have an upgrade available.  These voluntary premiums can be collected by payroll deduction or directly by Direct Debit with each employee.

I only wish to pay for my employees' premiums. How can they get cover for the rest of their family?

When you offer a subsidised scheme we allow employees to add their family members onto their policy and we offer them attractive discounted premiums for their family members.  These voluntary premiums can be collected by payroll deduction or directly by Direct Debit with each employee.

Do I have to collect upgrade and voluntary premiums from my employees through payroll?

You can choose whether to deduct via payroll or have the employees pay it to UniMed directly by Direct Debit.

How do I pay premiums?

Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually.

Is health insurance taxable?

In most situations employer subsidised health insurance is considered to be a fringe benefit and is subject to FBT. You should consult your accountant on how this would apply in your own particular circumstances.

What management information do you provide?

UniMed provides a number of different reports depending on the size of your scheme and we can discuss particular requests for information with you directly. You should note that due to medical confidentiality we are unable to provide any management information that will enable you to identify who received particular treatments or had a particular medical condition.


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